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Back to Michaux MTB School

Back to Michaux MTB School

I woke up to my cat barfing on me only to discover that we had no hot water. It was raining outside, making me a little apprehensive about the weekend and doubtful of my plans to get to Michaux early for a ride before the Michaux MTB School officially kicked off that evening. I spent … Continue reading

The Road to Recovery

Post car crash I took a week off the bike and sulked around a lot. I could have ridden sooner, but as I watched people ride down the street, all I could think was “don’t they know that there are CARS out there??” And the people without helmets looked so stupid to me, and I … Continue reading

Cicada Update – Safe for now

I have been slightly obsessed with the cicadas over the past several weeks. I have been dreading their emergence and trying to enjoying riding in the rain because I figured rain was better than cicadas. Now it turns out that I was slightly mislead on the location of the current Brood II. While I am … Continue reading