Karen Talley Mead

Photo by Bruce Buckley Photography

I like to ride all sorts of bikes–mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, road bikes–and I like to race them about as much as I like to ride them (well, except for the road bikes). This keeps my competitiveness in check and ensures that I do not die in a fit of road rage while driving home from work.

Are blogs still cool? Were they ever cool? I don’t know, but I really just like to write. I’ll write about almost anything and still find it entertaining. I spend most of my days writing about application development and stuff like that. As exciting as that can be, I also like to have a more creative outlet where I can write about other things, which usually end up being race reports, but sometimes I’ll throw something else into the mix.

I am also working on a series of children’s books with my brother called The Adventures of Cat and DogCheck out Cat’s blog  if you have a minute.


Image from Cat and Dog Learn About Colors


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