DC Peeplocross, the making of DCXP

With DCCX right around the corner, I wanted to reminisce on the brief history of the race’s Peep equivalent: DC Peeplocross (DCPX).

In the fall of 2012 my friend Caroline did her first cyclocross race. This day spawned a marvelous idea from Caroline; we would make a peep diorama of DCCX for the Washington Post Peep Diorama contest. For over a year we kept this idea top secret. I honestly thought I would keep the idea secret my entire life, as we would surely never find the time to make such a creation. But then January 2014 rolled around and Caroline is dropping off bags of Peeps at my house. And so it began.

Below is what Caroline and I submitted to the Washington Post Peep Diorama Contest in in March. Sadly, they did not pick our wonderful creation out of the 900+ submissions received. Obviously, no one from the Washington Post has ever been to a cross race, because how can you not love this?

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