End of ‘Cross

Cross season has long been over for me, but what has been over for even longer is writing race reports. It seems sort of pointless now, but the slightly OCD side of me wants to have every race accounted for.

Schooly Mill: A crash took out the leaders shortly after the start, so I found myself in 4th for a while, but everyone was ok and it wasn’t long before Cheryl Sornson made her way back to the front and they were off. The first lap or two were pretty fun since I had some people to go back and forth with, usually I am just riding alone. Eventually we spread out and I spent the rest of the race trying to chase down the woman ahead of me. I would make up serious time on the big hill on each lap, but then lose it all over the barriers. I finished in the money at my first Super 8 race, but I was only 10 seconds off 6th place. 10 seconds that could easily be made up with more practice. I’ll try and remember that for next year.

Rockburn: I planned on racing both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, but as my motivation declined, I scaled it back to just Rockburn. After making a few wrong turns on the drive, having a terrible time finding parking, and have the worst port-a-potty experience I’ve had since a Dave Matthews concert in high school, I made it to the start as a bigger ball of nerves than usual. I had a decent start, but I was soon last. Kind of my usual thing. The group stayed together for the entire prologue, and I had several people to go back and forth with for the first lap until it spread out more on the second. I passed two people on the first lap and spent the last few laps trying to chase down 8th place but it didn’t happen. I finished about as close to the leaders as I have all season, but still in about the same place.

Capital ‘Cross Classic: I was pretty much mentally checked out of racing by the time Capital ‘Cross arrived. Too bad, as it is one of my favorite races and put on by my team. By the time my race was about to start, the snow was coating the ground and the mud was starting to thaw. People like to tell me that races like this will be good for me because I am a mountain biker. What they fail to realize however is that everyone else is a better mountain biker.

Photo by Darrel Parks

Photo by Darrell Parks

Off the start I was quickly last and during my race, people were saying things to John like “why isn’t she going faster?” Good question. I ask myself that often. This time it was because I was being a total pansy in the snow. I wanted to flop over an go home. I yelled to John that “I hate this and I want to go home.” I seriously contemplated quitting. When I went by the lap counter after the second lap and it said 3 to go, I wanted to punch someone.
I'm not sure who took this, sorry.

I’m not sure who took this, sorry.

My overactive imagination was picturing the worst. Getting your bike smashed in half by a car while you are on it is surprisingly difficult to mentally recover from when you vividly remember every millisecond of the crash and greatly appreciate how the outcome could have been different if that car hit you at 35 mph straight on and not just your back wheel. While there are no cars on a ‘cross course, that does not stop me from imagining every single thing that can go wrong. Being on the chute when a guy broke his ankle earlier that day only added to my unnecessary apprehension.
Photo by William Douglas Graham

Photo by William Douglas Graham

I finished last. I had a shitty race, but I got lots of awesome photos. I also finally got to wear my cat hat. The perfect day for such a hat does not come often. I also had a lot of fun volunteering and spectating all day, so overall it was still a good day and one of the best Super 8 races by far. THE END. Good bye until next year cyclocross!

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