Apple Cross – Found the Apples

All I remembered about Apple Cross was that I hated it last year, I wanted a scarf, and I didn’t see any apples. This year, I thought the course was great, I found the apples, but alas, no scarf.

Before the race, I took my bike to get a recently surfaced shifting problem fixed and then a completely different shifting problem mysteriously arose. A teammate told me I should have been taking care of this in August, but I was a little distracted in August by a little mountain bike race and getting hit by a car. But excuses aside, he was right, and I thought I DID take care of it in August. Apparently not. So going into the race I was totally distracted and annoyed, during the race I was frustrated and pushing big gears on the climbs and thinking maybe I need to just switch to single speed.

Two women in the 3/4 race passed me, so that was a little demoralizing, but they were pretty good riders who were actually racing and not sulking along like I was. I managed to beat my #1 nemesis, so that was good! She had a bike change, so normally I would make up an excuse like “I only beat her because she had a bike problem,” but I was riding a bike problem, so I call it even.

After the race, I realized that I was only one place out of the money. Cash 7 deep for a race with only 9 people? Yes! Had I realized it sooner, maybe I would have been more motivated to step it up and catch that woman ahead of me. Maybe, but probably not.

My barriers were much improved thanks to my husband letting me know that I need to go faster when we were practicing a few weeks ago. “Just go faster!” But seriously, I was getting off my bike too late and almost coming to a complete stop instead of running into them and he pointed that out. Life changing!

Photo by David Lee.

Photo by David Lee.

Also life changing, I am learning a lot about all the stuff that I am doing wrong from the book Skills, Drills and Bellyaches. It’s great! You should all buy it. It’s almost one of those things I don’t want to tell people about because then everyone will know stuff like the secrets to starting in gravel. There are so many tiny things that make a big difference that you can either learn over time, or just learn right now from the book. I wish I had it a year ago. Good stuff!

2 thoughts on “Apple Cross – Found the Apples

  1. I felt as if I was reading about my ‘cross experience thus far. I raced my hard tail mt bike last year and moved up to Cat 3 (same doubts & my chief nemesis asked my name at the State Champs as if it was the first time I had raced). I’m racing a CX bike this year and am trying to find the same comfort level as I experience on my mt. bike. Thanks for the book suggestion!

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