The Road to Recovery

Post car crash I took a week off the bike and sulked around a lot. I could have ridden sooner, but as I watched people ride down the street, all I could think was “don’t they know that there are CARS out there??” And the people without helmets looked so stupid to me, and I hoped that they were all organ donors.

But finally, it was time to get back to real life and riding. Or more accurately, it was time for vacation! My husband and I had delayed our trip due to the accident, so the plans turned a little crazy, but it was all for the better. We went to the mountains, to the beach, and then back to the mountains with lots of miles on the bike and lots of fun people. I returned from the beach with worse cycling tan than I had when I arrived. That was not part of the plan, but the weather turned out to be better for riding than for beaching anyway.

When we got back from our trip, the real world got a little too real a little too quickly. I had my second root canal, my husband got some crazy virus that took him to the ER, and my friend Marc crashed his bike on his head and fractured his skull which also took him to the ER. That left two out of the three people on my brand new road ID totally incapacitated.  I decided to be extra careful on my rides and considered buying a helmet for everyday life.

Finally, the terrible first week back to real life was over, and it was off to Fair Hill for the 50 mile endurance race with Diane. I really only did this race to get a good long supported ride in. All I’ll say is that it was one of those days where you might accidentally fill your Camelback with Heed instead of water and then continue to mix in your Skratch Labs drink mix.

After the race I complained to Diane a lot and then stayed with my parents in PA. After my ride the next day, I was almost certain there was not enough food in the world to keep me from getting hungry. Luckily, I discovered the milkshake machine at Wawa on my drive back to Arlington. All was well with the world again after that little discovery.

At least all was well until that milkshake started to wear off and I started to fall deep into the depths of my tiredness caused by last 2 weeks with 32 hours of training. I would like to say that despite my tiredness, I avoided any emotional breakdowns, but that it not entirely true. But I can leave that all behind, because now I am heading into taper mode for the SM100 which is a shocking 1.5 weeks away, and I am hoping that all this training stuff magically comes together just as it is supposed to.

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