Stalking the weather forecast

The Cross-Country Mountain Bike National Championships started today at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in PA. If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside. Like heat index of 105 hot. But hey, it is July after all! However, I am racing on Saturday and I am more concerned with that forecast as it is looking a little ominous:

Red blob covered in lightening bolts? Could they be more dramatic about a thunderstorm? It almost seems like someone at AccuWeather is trying to mess with me. I’m wondering how accurate this depiction is, as Bear Creek is situated just outside of the red blob, but squarely at the end of an illustrated lightening bolt. So maybe Bear Creek will be spared from the damaging winds, drenching downpours, hail, and bunches of lightening bolts? The written description also included tornadoes by the way. I’m just hoping it holds off long enough for everyone to get their races in.

Fingers crossed for Saturday, and until then, I will be stalking the weather forecast.

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