Cicada Update – Safe for now

I have been slightly obsessed with the cicadas over the past several weeks. I have been dreading their emergence and trying to enjoying riding in the rain because I figured rain was better than cicadas. Now it turns out that I was slightly mislead on the location of the current Brood II. While I am happy to report that I will likely remain cicada-free in Arlington (at home) and Reston (at work), I’m a little annoyed at the cicada hype. I read things like “covering the ground from South Carolina to Connecticut” but this map clearly shows the location of Brood II in the mid-Atlantic and it is not nearly as widespread as I was led to believe.

There is also the logic that if you didn’t have cicadas in your neighborhood 17 years ago, you won’t have them now. Cicadas aren’t really into traveling from what I understand. But I have not lived here for 17 years. None of my friends have lived for 17 years, and I don’t think any of my co-workers have lived here for 17 years. But it sure would have been helpful if I asked a few people about it because I am sure I must know someone who has been in the area for 17 years. And I assure you, that in 17 years, I will make a point to remember where exactly these cicadas were and I will tell everyone all about it.

But before that, I have Brood X to deal with in 2021. According to Kevin Ambrose, Capital Weather Gang Cicada Expert who is way too comfortable around giant bugs, “If you have not yet seen cicadas where you live, there is a good chance that Brood II has missed your area. Don’t worry, Brood X will probably get you in 2021.” While I did not live here 9 years ago when Brood X last paid a visit, I have heard more than enough stories to be pretty sure that, yes, they will in fact “get me” in 2021.

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