Maple syrup, no waffles

My first race of the season is tomorrow. TOMORROW! I almost can’t believe it. First I was about to die with excitement for the EX2Adventures 6 hours of Cranky Monkey, but now I am getting nervous. Perhaps the nerves are a result of my crazy pre-race dream last night. I often have pre-race dreams, and oddly enough they are usually not the night before the race, but the night before that. Usually they involve forgetting my shoes, missing the start, or a very usual course or race format, but this one took an entirely new twist and almost resulted in me going to the race one day early. It went something like this…

It was Saturday–race day–but I was frantically trying to finish writing a paper that was due for a class I was taking. And this was not just any class, but a class that was being taught by the race director. Suddenly, I realized that it was 10:00 a.m. and that I was missing the start of the race. “Nooooo!” I yelled as I realized that I missed my chance to race this weekend. “Well actually, I guess I could still race the Black Hills Circuit race the next day,” I thought. But that realization only made me feel worse. (I guess even my subconscious prefers mountain biking.)

Then I woke up abruptly, thinking it was very early Saturday morning. I realized that I set my alarm for 7:15 as if I was going to work. “What was I thinking? That is wrong, the race is today. I will be late!” And I had put my race kit in the laundry before I went to bed. “It will be a wet sopping mess in the morning. None of my stuff is ready.” After a brief period of panic, I realized that it was Friday and not Saturday. I almost checked my phone just to be sure. I have never been so relieved to realize that I was going to work instead of enjoying the weekend.

I fell back asleep and started dreaming about the race again. This time I was in a house and trying to get ready for the race. I was trying to get my food together, but the kitchen was packed with people. Some of them were playing musical instruments. I kept trying to go to the freezer to get waffles out to make waffle sandwiches. I was having trouble finding the waffles, but for some reason, the freezer was full of maple syrup.

I never did find the waffles, or make my way to the start. But I think that as long as my kitchen isn’t full of musical-instrument-playing strangers in the morning, I will be fine on race day.

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