Goodbye Trainer! (or almost goodbye)

As daylight savings time approaches I grow ready to say goodbye for good to my trainer until next winter. However, I have a secret; I do not completely hate my trainer.

When I ride my trainer or the spin bikes at the gym, there is no dodging children, dogs, and runners on the bike trail; getting hit by cars; dealing with creepy dudes drafting off of me; putting on 800 layers of clothing for a 60 minute ride; or  figuring out where I can find a 5 mile uninterrupted stretch of road in one of largest metropolitan areas in the country to do an interval workout. It is just me, my music, and lots of sweat as I go as hard as my legs allow.

Sure, I may be missing the wind in my helmet, the freedom of speed on two wheels, and the lovely scenery. But honestly, I have seen the W&OD bike trail, Hain’s Point, the roads of Arlington, the C&O Canal path, and all other places a weekday ride might take me. I have seen them so many times I pretty much have them memorized. I do not really need to see them when it is 30 degrees with 20 mile per hour winds. I also live in an urban area and finding places to do intervals can be tricky. And is riding back and forth on the bike path or up and down the same hill to do an interval workout really any better than the trainer? Not really.

But let’s face it, it is way cooler to talk about how much you hate the trainer, and how tough you are for riding outside, then it is to say that you love riding indoors. I don’t love riding indoors. I just appreciate the workout I get while doing it.

“I’m so tough that I ride outside in all weather,” you say. That is fantastic, and I’m sure I have a weather related story to match the best of yours as well. I have ridden in 35 degree downpours with marble sized hail, deep snow, 14 hours of rain and deep mud, below freezing temperatures, really scary thunderstorms, snow turned rain turned snow, and lots of other interesting stuff. That is why I have no problem jumping on the trainer during the winter months…in moderation of course.

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