‘Cross update – DCCX and Patapsco

It looks like I have kind of fallen off the race report wagon. Probably because writing the reports takes at least twice as long as the race itself and that seems a little pointless sometimes. So anyway, I am just going to get caught up on the last two races quickly.


This is one of the largest races in the area, and easily one of the best. I was a little nervous going into it because my field had over 40 riders. I am not sure if I have ever done a bike race against this many women. Due to the large field, I had no idea how I would do overall. I had some bad early season races, but I was showing some definite improvement. I was hoping for top 20 but wasn’t totally sure if that was realistic. I had a good starting position, and a decent start for a change. I got passed a bunch towards the beginning, but was able to pick up places throughout the race.

I finished 9th! I beat many people who I had never beaten before. The course was super fun and I was ecstatic. Top 10 was not something I thought was possible.

However, the most fun part of the day was probably watching the Women’s Cat 4 race. My friend Caroline did her first ‘cross race and she did awesome. She smiled the whole time, and I had great fun yelling that if she had enough energy to smile, she wasn’t going hard enough. My teammate Whitney also did her first ‘cross race and her face on the last lap looked like she wanted to rip the head off the girl in front of her and then ride over it. Best race face ever.

DCCX Number Pinning

For some reason I love this picture, pinning Caroline’s number while Whitney casually drinks coffee and tells stories when their race is just minutes away

Patapsco ‘Cross

I was original planning on Ed Sanders and not Patapsco, but Hurricane Sandy had other ideas. Ed Sanders was rescheduled, so I took advantage of the change and added another race to my schedule.

The course seemed to suit me well. Lots of steep ups and downs that snaked up and down across the hills, making for some interesting turns. I didn’t have the best start. It was like I forgot what I was doing, oh yeah, I’m supposed to go hard here, but I don’t know if I really feel like it. Due to my lackadaisical start, I got bunched up behind people in some of the technical sections early on, but the front of the pack was still close. I picked up places through out the race and finished 4th.

My first cyclocross podium was oddly anti-climatic. I was probably more excited about my 9th place at DCCX. However,  I beat some more of the women I beat the previous weekend, helping to prove to myself that DCCX was not a fluke.

Rockburn is coming up and the pressure is on! OK, maybe not really, but I will be skating the edge of the podium and I am hoping that my trend of improvement continues.

Patapsco Cross Podium

4th place never tasted so good…I won some Bob’s Red Mill Granola. It was yummy!

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