Adventures in Davis

The other day, a friend asked me if my husband and I had a good time “riding the best single track in the best town in the best state in the world.”

The answer is that it was probably one of the best mountain bike trips I have ever taken. We were in Davis, West Virginia, and it was a rare trip that did not involve a race, or following a training plan, or worrying about miles or hours on the bike, or anything else that resembles any sort of a plan or obligation. It was just doing whatever we wanted on our bikes for two days. It was totally refreshing.

The view from the top of the Moonrocks…

View from the top of the Moonrocks

Yes, that is the trail. Who needs Utah slickrock anyway?


John on the Moonrocks…

John on the Moonrocks

Yeah, I rode through that. No big deal!

Rocks and rocks!

John crushes one of many rock gardens…

John in the rocks

Beautiful views along the river…

Beautiful views along the river

Davis makes me happy…

Davis makes me happy

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