How to Perform the See-Through Shorts Test

Based on the ever increasing amount of butt cheeks I see when I am biking to and from work, I think many people need to be educated on the “See-Through Shorts Test” as their bike shorts begin to age and become see-through over time. The steps to perform this test are below.

The See-Through Shorts Test

1. Look at your butt in the mirror.

2. Put your bike shorts on.

3. Look at your butt in the mirror again. If you can still see  your butt, THROW YOUR SHORTS AWAY. If you are unsure, find a friend that you trust and move onto step 4.

4. Ask your friend if he or she can see your butt. This is most effective when performed outside in bright sunlight, in a bike-like position. If your friend confirms that he/she can see your butt  THROW YOUR SHORTS AWAY.

5. Repeat with another pair beginning at Step 1.

A very simple test to solve a very serious problem. My eyes thank you.

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