Why so tired…

Even after sleeping a solid 8 hours last night and not getting woken up by a cat licking my face at 3:00 a.m., I am still tired. Maybe because most nights I DO get woken up by a cat licking my face, or have crazy anxiety caused dreams about the current proposal I am working on, or whatever else the big thing of the moment is. Anyway, whatever it is, it is making it hard to train. I thought that making a recovery week every third week would help (even when in that past I thought that was way too frequent) but by the second half of week 2, I am totally spent. And not in a good way, in a bad way.

Sometimes, I like to blame it on work. About half of the time, my schedule is pretty accommodating…a busy 8 hours but nothing too crazy. However, the other half of the time is working at 100 mph for 9-11 hours with maybe a bit on the weekends. That in itself is not too bad, but it makes getting workouts in really tough, and makes me really tired, which makes getting the workouts in even harder, which makes me even more tired…

I finally gave in this weekend. The past few weeks at work have been pretty tough, and I have been sick for going on over a week now, so I bagged Sunday’s planned ride at Fountainhead after a horrible trail run at Fountainhead on Saturday. I guess that was the right call, because after a week of a really annoying head cold that doesn’t really stop me from doing anything, but just makes everything more annoying, I am finally seeing signs of feeling better. I can finally almost breathe normally again.

But after this will I fall back into my normal routine of saying I am going to get up early, and the barely be able to climb out of bed with enough time to do a workout before getting into work and the very reasonable hour of 9:30? Probably. I keep trying and it keeps not working (at least not as well as I want it to). I can at least wake up early enough to bike to work. That is really the only thing that has been keeping me on track this winter. If I bike to work 2 days, that’s 62 miles for the week, which really isn’t too bad for winter. And when I am working 10 hours days, its really the only way I can get a good bike workout in. I’m kind of shooting for 100 miles a week, but as soon as I hit that, I start getting really tired. I guess I just need to keep working up to it. The cycling is sneaky in that way…it makes me more tired than I realize.

I have the first of many races over the next few weeks this Sunday, then it is off to Colorado for a week for some skiing. I am hoping that after some solid recovery from training this week, some skiing next week (with some solid recovery from working), and coming back to daylight savings time, I will ready to jump back in to training and racing…tired or not!

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