A Message to My Job

Dear Work,

I am writing  you to let you know that my cycling habits are of great importance to my health and well being. I will be participating in a mountain bike race in about six weeks, and without adequate time to improve my skills, I will surely hurt myself. I assure you that I can respond to twice as many data calls, write better proposals, and look more presentable at meetings if I am not in a full body cast typing with a pen that I hold in my teeth.

It is often easy to assume that more hours spent working will result in more work being completed. However, the rocky steep trails of Pennsylvania are going to be far less forgiving than my Northern Virginia desk chair, and 50 miles of mountain biking requires a bit more activity than walking to my car. As a result, I need to be adequately prepared, and more than 8 hours at my desk does not improve my chances of successfully navigating a serious set of rocks, tight turns, or clearing giant logs. An hour or two less time working today could be all the extra time that I need to perfect that wheelie or manual, which will directly reduce my chances of going headfirst over my handlebars, breaking my collar bone, and missing hours of work because I am in the hospital.

As a result, I am sure that you will agree, I should leave work early on sunny days.

Yours truly,


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