A slow start, but at least it’s a start…

This season has gotten off to a rather slow-feeling start for me. First, there were feet of snow and time consuming renovations that caused me to miss my first two trail runs of the year. Finally ready to get back on track, new trail shoes in hand (which I’ve never had before), I twisted my ankle on the first 100 yards of a mountain bike ride.  Several weeks later, it is still sore, but has not really slowed down my riding too much. It did however, cause me to miss my next and favorite trail run, the Mt. Penn Mudfest. While I was still technically able to run, I figured that with the current state of my ankle, and the typical state of the trails in that area of PA, I would likely leave the event with one less foot on my body. It was hard to skip this race, but hopping around on one foot for who knows how long, would have been harder.

I’m not exactly 100% better yet, but I am going to say once again, as I say just about every week, that I am finally ready to really get serious. However, this time I have no choice, I just signed up for a 50 mile mountain bike race in PA in June. I have a lot of work to do…

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